Fueled By AI Stainless Fuel Filter for Walbro Fuel Pumps

Fueled By AI Stainless Fuel Filter for Walbro Fuel Pumps

Aftermarket Industries Walbro Stainless Fuel Filter for Walbro

The all-new Aftermarket Industries designed, engineered & manufactured Walbro fuel pump stainless steel fuel filter special features:

200 micron fuel filter / strainer are manufactured to motorsport specifications for enhanced durability and are your best line of defence against premature fuel pump failure. The 200 micron element is designed to ensure there is no restriction at the fuel pump inlet and at the same time provide the necessary protection from harmful debris.
Internal skeleton - unlike the OEM strainer, the Aftermarket Industries Walbro stainless steel motorsport filters are manufactured using an internal injection moulded non-collapsible skeleton which prevent fuel pump failure due to a collapsed filter / strainer - GUARANTEED NOT TO COLLAPSE
Nearly 75% of all aftermarket fuel pump failures are due to contaminants with the fuel system, so be sure to use one of these genuine replacement fuel pump strainers regularly.

*It is advised that you service your fuel pump strainer every time you service your vehicle or every six (6) months if ethanol based fuels are used.

Compatible with unleaded, ethanol and C16.

*Designed specifically for the Walbro 450 (F90000267) / 460 (F90000274) / 520 525 530 (F90000285) fuel pumps

12 month warranty