Alex's 636WHP Honda Civic Type R "Hoonigan FK8"

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Alex's 636WHP Honda Civic Type R "Hoonigan FK8"

Cylinder Head:
K20C1 RPY-7 Cylinder Head
JSR Street Ported
4Piston TR2 Billet Camshafts
Ferrea Beehive Springs
Ferrea Titanium Retainers
Ferrea Bronze Guides
Ferrea Valve Seals
Ferrea Billet Baseplates
Ferrea 7-Degree Valve Locks
Ferrea Competition Plus+ Stainless Steel EV8 Valves

JSR Spec K20C1 2.0L Cylinder Block:
JSR Traum 86mm Heavy Duty Pistons 9:8:1 Compression
Saenz 300M Connecting Rods
ACL Race Series Bearings
Golden Eagle Non-Ductile Sleeved 86mm
Cometic HD head gasket .026"
Step Decked .003"
Balanced & Blue Printed
Chamfered and Micro-Polished Crank Journals
Genuine RPY Oil Pump

K20C1 H-Pattern
PPG Gearset
Synchrotech Carbon Synchros

Rampage G30-770 Turbo Kit 29 Pounds of Boost
Greddy SP-G Exhaust
JSR PTFE Line Upgrade
JSR Elite FK8 Fuel System
JSR 14V Fuel Supply System
Hondata Flashpro

Horsepower & Torque

e50-91 Octane Direct Injection Only

Power Adders: None Hoonigan Feature: FBO Redeye Hellcat Kill: