Civic FK8 & Accord CV2 Vent To Atmosphere Breather/Catch Can

Civic FK8 & Accord CV2 Vent To Atmosphere Breather/Catch Can

Unlike your typical Radium Catch cans, our Vent to Atmosphere catch can for the FK8 Civic or Accord Platform utilizes a catch can to prevent crankcase oil blow-by and fumes from condensing and filling your turbo piping, intercooler, and intake manifold.

This catch can is designed to catch all of the oil fumes and gunk omitted from the factory engine breather systems. This not only removes the blow-by oil and build-up, but will greatly help reduce oil buildup in the intake system, valves, combustion chamber, vacuum system, and PCV hoses which relate to power loss and poor drivability.

This is a must for Direct Injection engines.

Included in this Kit is:
Moroso Catch can with Top mount filter, drain petcock and firewall mounting bracket.
Our proprietary Teflon PTFE at 25" in length, for quickk connect access.
PCV Billet Valve Cover to AN adapter fitting
Vibrant Banjo Fitting to 6AN with Crush washers

This adapter fits All Civic and Accord Platforms, please contact us for any additional information.