JSR FK8 Billet Catch Can Breather Vent

JSR FK8 Billet Catch Can Breather Vent

These Billet Vent to atmosphere fittings simply replace the oil dip sticks on Radium Intake and Exhaust Catch Cans. Great add on to any higher horsepower (550HP+) FK8s that create a great amount of crankcase pressure. Used in combination with your existing catch cans and simply adds an old school v8 style breather setup to your build to help those oil control rings, head gaskets and oil seals that are continuosly pressurized under high boost.

These breather vents can stand periodic submersion in water. Install them to stop the buildup of pressure and vacuum and to prevent debris from enterinng the breather system. Breather vents can be used in washdown environments with splashing oil and coolant. Vents with barbed connections fit unthreaded openings and are held in place by friction.

Pricing is for a single fitting only. Please purchase (2) If you are on a dual Radium catch can setup

Warning: Faint oil can smell will be present after hard pulls, no smoke has been reported for 5,000 miles.