JSR FK8/FL5 Clutch Pedal Stop Kit

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JSR FK8/FL5 Clutch Pedal Stop Kit

Perserving our Clutch diagphram is the most important thing we can do when racing or power-shifting. Most OEM style clutches are completly forgiving when you over throw the pedal, when it comes to vehicles with aftermarket clutches with heavy diaphram springs or mutiple plate setups this is not the case. Most twin disc clutch systems require the use and setting of a pedal stop to avoid clutch over throw. This JSR pedal stop kit allows a certain stroke of the diaghpram while avoiding over-engagement or possible gear lock out on high horsepower setups. Anyone that has driven a stick shift car knows when you power shift or shift fast you should always half pedal to allow for smoother seamless shifts. When you slam the pedle to the floor it over extends the diaghpram of the clutch system almost making it seem like you are not pressing the clutch in (revering the process). The reason for this is the clutch is designed and operates on a certain of stroke or allowed throw. When you pass that threshold the pressure plate slams back shut as if its not being used. This kit will limit your clutch slave throw allowing super quick and effortless shifts. We have tested this our 700WHP shop car and a few stock clutch, stock turbo setups and it's working excellent!

(1) Clutch Pedal Stop To Maintain Clutch Diaghprahm Throw.
(1) Clutch Pedal Switch Spacer. A second spacer is required to be installed so the vehicle will start. If you use the Pedal stop by itself the vehicle will not start.