The JSR FK8 Ultimate Fuel System Upgrade Consists of the Following premium parts that push your FK8 up to 583WHP barrier and beyond utilizing Ethanol as seen here at JSR Engines (Vincent's Stock K20C1 engine powered by a Rampage G25 Turbo Kit).

Don't be fooled by competitors pricing as they are not selling a complete fuel system upgrade for the price that is being mentioned. We won't nickle and dime you at JSR, you simply get what you pay for. Get your one and done here, only at JSR Engines!

XDI EVO FK8 High-Pressure Fuel Pump With Baseplate
JSR High Flow 1450cc Bosch Injectors
DW 300c 340LPH in Tank Fuel Pump with 100psi PRV
JSR OEM Modified High-Pressure Fuel Line V3

Note: We highly recommend changing the in tank fuel filter assembly during the install of the DW300c fuel pump, especially higher mileage FK8s that can potentially have partially clogged fuel filters. We here at JSRE change the in tank fuel filters yearly when vehicles are using ethanol, 91 Octane vehicles run into the same issue with at a later time. The link to the In tank filter can be found here. Blog

Up to 40% Fuel Increase over the OEM fuel system in combination with our Modified Fuel Rail.

This Patent Pending GDI high-pressure pump was developed to replace the Bosch OEM high-pressure pump. It delivers up to 36% more fuel flow and up to 40% more flow with our ported fuel rail modification. Maximum Fuel Pressure is 250bar / 3600psi. The kit comes with everything you need: the HPFP, base plate, hardware, and adapter fittings.

The 340lph DW300c offers the highest flow available in a compact fitment pump. The compact fitment allows drop-in fitment into many popular applications such as
Civic FK8, 2.0 Turbo Accord, Civic Si 1.5 Turbo. Quiet operation and pulse width modulation compatibility are delivered via the turbine impeller and computer balanced armature. E85 compatibility is built-in via the carbon commutators and a fully encapsulated armature. All DW fuel pumps are backed by a 3-yr no-fault warranty.

Upgrade your small stock injector to our 140lb per hr injector which has significant advantages over our competitors. Besides being the largest properly functioning injector tested on OEM ECU, our injectors have a spray pattern that reduces hot spots in the cylinders. These injectors fuel far more accurately and have a warranty as well. Yes people have pushed the stock injector above 420whp. Don’t risk your engine with lean spikes and misfires caused by pushing stock injectors too far. Our injectors have been proven to 583WHP with an e50 blend on a totally stock internal engine car and with far better fueling accuracy. The only reason we didn’t push harder was because long term risk with running such high horsepower and mosty importanly, torque over stock levels. The ignition timing limit was never reached. The injectors are capable of up to 583whp on ethanol blend and up to 600+whp using race gas.


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