New JSR CV2 Accord Ported Intake Manifold 2.0L

$295.00 - $315.00
New JSR CV2 Accord Ported Intake Manifold 2.0L

First off we start with a Brand New Genuine Honda CV2 intake manifold.

We completly revamp the internal runners of the manifold and everything inward 4-5". The competitors "port work" is just a simple port match and re-work 2" past the intake flange. As some of you know the inside runners have very sharp turns and transitions, we are able to reshape and increase the ports and round them out which increases the air flow and it's characteristics.

The flange is also ported to maximize air flow which results in more power on the same boost levels.

We have seen 15WHP on the same Boost levels vs a non ported intake manifold, so yes, they do work.

The Race Version contains more internal runner work where air flow is increased due to much more material removal.

Street Port Version (450WHP and Below)
Race Port Version (450WHP - 500WHP)
Ultra Race Version (550+WHP)

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