2017-2021 Honda Civic Type R Serviceable In-Tank Fuel Filter

2017-2021 Honda Civic Type R Serviceable In-Tank Fuel Filter

Honda does not mention there is a serviceable fuel filter that surrounds the fuel pump. Overtime this filter will partially clog causing a shortage of fuel to the high-pressure pump. Even while using 91 octane we'd recommend swapping out this filter at or around 60K miles.

When using ethanol it’s a whole different story. These filters will deteriorate and the glue that holds the filter assembly will delaminate and fall apart causing a serious fuel system contamination. Paper, glue and dirty fuel will bunch up and clog the high pressure fuel pump which does not have a pre-filter. The only high-pressure pump that comes with a pre-filter is the Hondata Fuel System High Pressure Pump.

With that said, we recommend this serviceable filter be changed every 60K on regular 91 Octane Fuel and every 8-9 months while using ethanol.

Note: See the last photo above and take a look at the filter inside the pump housing. A new filter will be peachy, almost like a manilla envelope. If your filter is dark black, brown or getting there, it might be a great time to change it.

Note: If you are experiencing break up during a pull in the 5000-7000 rpm range it will most likely be the fuel filter assemmbly being partially clogged.