JSR FK8/FL5 Civic & 24' Integra Type S DE5 Plug and Play Port Injection Kit

$1,999.00 - $2,249.00
JSR FK8/FL5 Civic & 24' Integra Type S DE5 Plug and Play Port Injection Kit

Update: We are now installing a bin file (tune) in the Spilt Second controller to assist in tuning the secondary injector controller. This should alleviate and shorten the tuning process depending on your specific setup. Contact us for more info.


Our Plug and Play K20C1 Port Injection Fuel Kit Utilizes the following products to take your K20C1 to the next level.

Split Second Injector Controller
(4) Injector Dynamics 1050xds injectors (1700xds & 2600xds option is Available)
JSR Custom PTFE E85 Plug and Play Fuel lines and Fittings and vaccum hoses
Plug and Play Adapter Harness, No cutting or Wiring Needed!
DW300c In-Tank Fuel Pump with 100PSI PRV

NOTE: Port matching option is not included in the base price, please add the option when adding to the cart. The last photo illustrates our port match work for reference.

Additional injector control is ideally suited to turbo and supercharged engines. It provides additional fuel without changes to the stock injectors or ECU programming. This preserves the characteristics of the stock engine under light load while providing all the necessary fuel in boost.

The injector controller integrates seamlessly with the stock ECU to satisfy fuel requirements in boost. It is especially useful on modern direct injected engines which have fuel systems that are difficult to modify.

Programming is done over a USB interface with the TunerPro RT engine management software which provides real-time programming, data dashboard and data logging. Bin files contain program data. Xdf definition files configure the user interface. Adx files configure data acquisition for real-time display and logging.

Two-dimensional map tables provide precise fuel control over load and RPM. Additional tables facilitate compensation for elevation, air temperature and injector dead time. Map switching can be performed by on-board comparators or user input.

At this current time, we have no data to share for the FK8 platform. We do however know this kit can produce 750+WHP combined with our JSR Upgraded fuel system, upgraded turbo, and the correct parts list.

Note: We highly recommend the Port Matched Radium Plate Option as there is a 20% flow restriction or step down versus the OEM intake ports.

Efficient Fuel Increase of 20% to 25% percent.


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