Civic SI FC1/FC3 Modified High Pressure Fuel Line V3

Civic SI FC1/FC3  Modified High Pressure Fuel Line V3

The best Modified High-Pressure Fuel Lines in the game, cause our dyno graphs say so! Let's start off by saying that nobody has our conical radius taper finish.

Let’s first start with the fact that our modification has a taper vs the non-taper our competitor makes. a 10% fuel injector duty reduction can be expected, which results in additional fuel at the tip of the injector.

To get the most out of your fuel system you will need to upgrade the high-pressure line running from the HPFP to the fuel rail.

Extra care is taken to make sure that flow is as high as possible while allowing proper fuel pump control. This includes adding an optimal degreed taper at the opening of the fuel line. Each fuel line is drilled and reamed to a specific size with a carbide reamer.

This ensures a smooth finish allowing the least restriction while maintaining a size conducive to proper high-pressure fuel pump function. We have tested many designs and sizes in order to create the best possible result. If you want the most out of your high-pressure fuel pump look no further.